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Advantages and disadvantages of styrene butadiene rubber

Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is an unsaturated hydrocarbon polymer with a solubility parameter of about. Under the action of light, heat, oxygen and ozone, the physical and chemical reactions will occur, but its oxidation is slower than that of natural rubber, and the aging reaction rate is slower even at higher temperature. The aging effect of light on rubber was not obvious, but its ozone resistance was worse than that of natural rubber. The brittleness temperature is about - 450C, and the low temperature performance is slightly poor.


Compared with general rubber, it has the following advantages and disadvantages:


1. Advantages

(1) The compound is not easy to scorch and sulfurize, and has good vulcanization flatness.

(2) Wear resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance are better than natural rubber. High temperature wear resistance, suitable for passenger tire.

(3) In processing, the molecular weight will not decrease when it is reduced to a certain extent, so it is not easy to be over tempered and the plasticity is uniform. The hardness of vulcanizate changed little.

(4) High filling can be achieved by increasing the molecular weight. Oil extended SBR has good processability.

(5) It is easy to be used with other unsaturated general rubber, especially with natural rubber and cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber. The disadvantages of styrene butadiene rubber can be overcome by adjusting the formula.


2. Shortcomings

(1) The strength of pure glue is low, and it can be used only by adding high active reinforcing agent. It is more difficult to add the compounding agent than natural rubber, and the dispersibility of the mixture in rubber is poor.

(2) There are many trans structure, irregular structure and benzene ring on the side base, so it has more hysteresis loss, higher heat generation, lower elasticity and lower cold resistance than natural rubber. But the heat generation can be reduced after oil filling.

(3) Unvulcanized rubber compound has large shrinkage, low strength and poor adhesion.

(4) The curing rate is slower than that of natural rubber.

(5) The results showed that the bending and cracking resistance of vulcanizate was better than that of natural rubber, but the crack propagation speed was faster. The thermal tearing property is poor.

Sealing products

For engine, (1) crankshaft rear [made of fluororubber], (2) crankshaft front [made of acrylic rubber], (3) diaphragm type [made of nitrile rubber or copolymeric ether rubber, and trifluoropyl methyl vinyl silicone rubber], (4), valve stem seal, [made of fluororubber]. (5) Cylinder head gasket, [made of acrylic rubber]

For body, (1), weatherstrip. [made of EPDM], (2) glass sealing strip, [made of EPDM], (3) sealing ring of oil port cover, [made of nitrile rubber].

For chassis. (1) Gearbox oil seal, [made of acrylic rubber]. (2) , power steering oil seal [made of nitrile rubber]. (3) Dust cover for ball joint, [made of polyurethane rubber or chloroprene rubber]. (4) , CVJ protective cover, [made of TPEE thermoplastic elastomer]. (5) , rack and pinion protection cover. (6) cap for braking MC [made of EPDM], (7). Cartridge piston seal, made of EPDM.

Rubber hose

For engine, (1) fuel hose [made of fluoro rubber or chloro ether rubber], (2) injection control pipe [made of acrylic rubber or nitrile rubber], (3) air duct [made of TPO or acrylic rubber], (4) water supply hose, [made of EPDM]

For car body, (1) fuel hose, [made of fluororubber], (2) oil filling pipe [made of nitrile rubber], (3) air conditioner hose. [made of butyl rubber or nitrile rubber].

For chassis, (1) at oil cooler hose [made of acrylic rubber], (2) power steering pipe, [made of acrylic rubber], (3), brake hose [made of EPDM], (4) clutch hose, [made of EPDM], (5) hose, [made of copolymer Chloroether rubber].

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